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Newby-Vance Mobility and its van rental partner, Accessible Vans of America, understand the challenges of wheelchair travel. Newby-Vance Mobility only rents premier, late model BraunAbility or VMI wheelchair accessible minivans that have the adaptive features you need for safe travel.

Not all wheelchair rental vans are equipped with all available features. Please indicate which features you and your family need.

  • Automatic Power Fold-Out Ramp
  • Power Kneel System
  • Removable Passenger Seat
  • Q-Straint Tie-Downs
  • Keychain Remote Control
  • BraunAbility Conversions


Why Choose To Rent A Wheelchair Van?

Is a wheelchair accessible van right for you? Renting allows you to compare different vehicle conversions and helps you make an informed decision before purchasing. When you are ready to buy, Newby-Vance in addition to the new vans, always has a large selection of high-quality, impeccably serviced pre-owned vans for sale. These vans are generally produced by Chrysler/Dodge.

Even if you are not ready to buy, renting a van provides a low cost alternative to the stress involved of getting your loved one in a non-accessible vehicle. Both short and long-term rentals are available.