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Your unique needs dictate the brand, make, and mode of the wheelchair accessible conversion!

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Knowing your equipment dimensions is essential, because every vehicle does not fit everyone's needs.

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Mobility vehicles often look the same, but their prices and features vary widely. Not every vehicle will work satisfactorily for your unique needs. This is why it is critical that you contact us to schedule a FREE needs analysis. Newby-Vance Mobility specializes in listening to your story, and in helping you evaluate what vehicle or adaptation is best for you. Contact us today to schedule your free needs analysis.

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It's tough to know what mobility vehicle to buy.

Mobility-Vehicles vary in useable interior space, interior height and width, and interior floor length. Before you make such an important purchase, there are some things you should know.

1. Understand that your unique needs, and that of your family, dictate the brand and make-model of the wheelchair accessible conversion. It is your needs that drive your ultimate choice of vehicle. Not the other way around.

2. Know your sitting height in your wheelchair, power chair, or scooter. One size of vehicle, or one make of vehicle, "does not fit" every person's unique needs.

3. Vehicle costs depend first and foremost on your needed adaptations, and second, on your personal preferences.

One easy call could save you time and money.

Searching on the internet is convenient, but the vehicle(s) you find may not work for you. You and your wheelchair may not "fit" in several of the vehicles you are looking at. The free needs analysis is not designed to "sell" you a vehicle, but rather it is a chance to work together to determine which mobility equipped vehicles will work best for you and how to align them with your budget. Schedule an appointment today, the call is free and there is zero obligation to make a purchase. 


What is the best wheelchair van to buy?


How to choose the best mobility vehicle for you.

Choosing the right mobility vehicle is hard, because the truth is that each modified/mobility vehicle will be different depending on the make, the model, and even the year of the conversion. Each van will have different conversion dimensions for wheelchair use. For these reasons, it's unwise for consumers to make a purchase on the internet without consulting an expert. You and your wheelchair may not "fit" in several of the vehicles you're looking at online.

Newby-Vance can work with you, the customer, not to sell you a vehicle, but to offer a free needs analysis that answers fundamental questions that you might not even know to ask.

When you schedule a free needs analysis with Newby-Vance, we'll walk through the process with you to find a mobility equipped van that will meet your needs. We'll help you answer important questions that narrow your search, such as:

  • How wide is the ramp?
  • What is the door entry height?
  • What is the overall door opening width?
  • How much usable wheelchair space is in the van?
  • How much width is between the front two seats if the user is going to transfer?
  • What is the headroom in the van?
  • The headroom is not the same in the middle area when compared to the driver and front passenger positions.
  • Do you use a wheelchair or a scooter?
  • Do you use a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair?
  • Are you going to ride in your wheelchair or transfer? How wide is your wheelchair?
  • How long is your wheelchair?
  • What is your sitting height while seated in your wheelchair?
  • What is the overall weight of you and your wheelchair?

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