Turny Evo Seating

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BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift

Newby-Vance Mobility offers a complete line of BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift products for our customers. This special seat provides you with a support system that makes it safer and easier for you to enter and exit your vehicle. Turny Evo seating designs are available in manual and fully-powered models. Best of all, these products can be added to several types and brands of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, station wagons, crossovers, minivans, pickup trucks and full-size vans. For people who can transfer from a wheelchair, or who simply use a walker or cane, the BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift can be a life changer.

B&D Independence™ Power Transfer Seat Base

A B&D Independence™ Power Transfer Seat Base is another seating solution for people with limited mobility. B&D Power Transfer Seat Bases are manufactured with the unique needs of the customer in mind. These Seat Bases do not require alteration of the factory seat. Safety, ease of use, and reliability are three primary features that go into every seat base design. B&D Transfer Seat Bases are made with heavy gauge frames, reliable actuators and dependable controls, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift Features and Specs

BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift lineup has several models available. In many cases the model you select will be determined by your vehicle. A Newby-Vance Mobility consultant can help you determine the Bruno seat model that best meets your needs in your particular vehicle application.

BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift features and benefits include:

  • Fully powered operation; can be stopped at any up-down point for ideal transfer height
  • One button operation with intuitive display window on hand-held pendant
  • Includes a high quality, Turny Evo Seat-optional armrests are available-factory seat belts are utilized; in some applications, a Heated Seat option is available
  • Seat back recline (with easy recline lever located on both sides of seat)
  • Dealer programmable for optimal path and maximum legroom
  • Power forward-backward seat adjustment
  • Standard integrated flip-up footrest
  • Manual backup system
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle-in many cases, can be reinstalled in your next vehicle
  • Hundreds of vehicle-specific mounting kits provide a safe and precise installation for minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, CUVs and full-size vans-first- and second-row applications available (check with Newby-Vance Mobility to confirm compatibility with your vehicle)
  • Wide variety of seat options in Metro Tech fabric or Ultraleather™ Plus
  • LATCH/Isofix compliant for child seats
  • Sales, installation, service and repair provided by Newby-Vance Mobility

User Requirements

  • Ability to transfer onto seat, or with minimal assistance
  • Hold down a button on a hand-held pendant
  • Manage legs and feet while rotating in-out of vehicle
  • If needed, recline seat and move head to clear doorway

Turny Evo Seating Specs (subject to change)

  • User Weight Capacity: 370 lb/168 kg
  • Installed Net Weight: 170 lb/77 kg (minus removal of factory seat base)
  • Vertical Travel: 15.4 in/39cm
  • Application Positions: front-right, front-left; mid-right, mid-left
  • Applications: Most minivans, midsize pickup trucks, most full-size pickup trucks, most SUVs and full-size vans, as well as many CUVs
  • Warranty: 3 years (parts) and 1 year, the first year (parts and labor)

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